What Does It Cost To Install Solar Panels?

Solar panels are gaining popularity amongst Australian residents, and it’s for all the right reasons. The Australian government has been highly supportive of this and has been providing many benefits to people who opt for this smart solution to their energy consumption.

Based on the area of your residence, you are allowed to get a diverse pay structure for installing a solar system. The rebates, size of solar panels you require and the whether you get a battery or not decide the total solar panel cost of the solar system.

If you get your solar panels installed through a certified installer, you can legally claim your solar rebate. Find out more about REC certified solar panel installers and how you can get a 25-year guarantee on your solar system!

If you are wondering what does it cost to install solar panels? We have got the detailed information on different aspects of the pricing below. Keep scrolling!

Solar Panel Rebate

If you are in Australia, you are lucky when it comes to getting solar energy systems!

The government continues to heavily subsidise solar panel installation cost and PV systems in 2022. Thus, the solar rebate scheme depends on the STCs, and the price fluctuates accordingly.

The solar panel rebate reduces the cost of solar power systems upfront. The reduction you get based on the scheme totals up to $447 per KW installed in 2022. With the STC calculator, you can obtain further information about the solar rebate and discover the maximum solar rebate you are entitled to.

Another essential thing to remember is that the solar panel rebate differs from zone to zone. So, the initiatives you receive at different zones will not be the same amount. Depending on your location in Australia, you might get a more significant advantage in getting solar energy installed.

Cost Friendly Energy

If you are still wondering whether solar panels are worth the cost, we have further information about the savings you can make by installing solar panels. By spending around $5K on getting solar panels, you can save a lifetime of electricity bills.

Unlike the older times, even a decade ago, solar panels were highly costly, so people would hesitate to install them. However, in the current times, the price of it has down drastically so that it is totally affordable to utilise solar energy.

Solar panels

Solar panels

In 2022, you can easily instal a 5kW system that can power up to fulfil all your energy requirements. So, it is becoming one of the smart investments for your future.

Moreover, the warranty for solar panels comes with a 25-year guarantee. This makes it even more secure to get started with solar energy without any hesitation.

If you are still sceptical about whether getting solar panels installed will be an intelligent investment, we have more information curated for you. Read to find out how long the solar panels last so you can move forward with this sustainable choice.

Area-Specific Cost Structure

As we mentioned above, the rebates for solar panels differ in which zone you reside in Australia. So do solar panel prices!

For example, if you reside in the Brisbane area, your cost of getting a 5kW solar panel system will cost around $5000.

You also need to know the estimated payback period that it would take the solar panels to pay for themselves in terms of energy savings. So, the average payback period for the 5kW solar system in Brisbane would be 5.4 years.

So, the cost differs respectively to the city of Australia you are based on. As the price of electricity is ever rising, investing in solar energy is totally worth the price.

Free Aerial View of Solar Panels Array on Green Grass

Free Aerial View of Solar Panels Array on Green Grass

Get detailed information on the solar costs based on your area from a trusted source with the latest findings.

Investing In Solar Batteries

Solar batteries cost anywhere from $2000 up to $12000. It depends on what size batteries you need. Furthermore, if you plan to get a battery with an inverter can double the cost.

Solar panel batteries are very durable, and they come with an average warranty of 10 years. So, they last a long period of time, and if you opt for higher-end batteries, they will even last for a more extended period.

Solar batteries are totally worth the investment as the payback period for them is generally less than five years. And, it will optimise in reducing your electricity bills.

The main purpose of getting solar batteries is so that you can store solar energy. As the battery gets charged during the day, you can effectively utilise it during the nighttime.

So, choosing the best solar battery is essential, so it matches your energy consumption and also integrates with the size of solar panels you have installed. The batteries store solar energy that you can optimally utilise for a period of days.

Therefore, getting a solar battery and a charger optimises your solar energy system. Based on your need, the solar batteries along with the inverter and getting it installed can cost you $12000 upwards.

You can get a quote for your solar system, solar batteries, or even get a combined quote for both solar panels and batteries here. So you can start to reduce your electricity bills drastically and even get financing options for your commercial use.

Solar Panel Installation Costs

When you decide that you want to move towards using guilt-free energy and join the movement toward solar energy, you need to find an installer.

Solar power system installers should be carefully selected to ensure that they are someone who is reliable. You should definitely look for certified installers.

As long as you want to claim the solar rebate, you need to go through a certified installer who can instal your solar system. So, because of the Australian government initiative, you can get a solar system installed at the most cost-friendly price around the globe.

Free Selective Focus of Installing on Solar Panels

Free Selective Focus of Installing on Solar Panels

So, if you want to put your solar PV system in trusted hands, you can get your 5kW solar system installed for an average of $1000 per kW.

By installing a 5kW solar system, you can expect to save around $50000 and more during your lifetime. Thus, if you spend a little bit up front, you can expect to receive benefits all your life in cost savings.

So, as the prices for electricity bills are going up all the time, you will be making a smart investment in getting solar panels installed in your home.

REC Certified Installers

Contact today to get your solar panel installed through the best installers in the industry. The REC certified solar panel installers will provide the best solar systems and guarantee your solar system.

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Author : Kosta Symons

Published Date : May, 23 2022

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