Are All Solar Panel Installers Validated Through The Clean Energy Council (CEC)?

As an Australian, you must have witnessed how the government is encouraging the move toward solar energy. There are a lot of initiatives available for people to opt for this guilt-free energy.

If you are wondering are all solar panel installers validated through Clean Energy Council (CEC), we are here to provide you with further details on this topic.

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If you are new to solar energy usage, we have got you covered. Read more about how solar panels work. You will get a better idea about it and how it saves massively on your electricity bills.

Solar Power In Australia

Australia's renewable energy production by source

Australia’s renewable energy production by source

From the above graph, it is evident that renewable energy is in growing demand in Australia in recent years. Solar energy has a drastic increase in consumption and will continue to do so as per the Australian government’s various schemes.

In 2021, solar energy accounted for 12% of the total energy supplied in Australia. This number is only growing as more and more of the Australian population are installing a solar systems for residential as well as small business purposes.

As per the Clean Energy Australia Report 2022, there were a staggering amount of 389,579 annual solar PV installations in 2021 nationwide. This new record results in 3.3 GW rooftop solar capacity added in 2021 alone.

So, there are more than 3 million Australian households with rooftop solar power installed.

Solar PV

Solar PV refers to Solar Photovoltaic. Solar PV utilises sunlight to produce an electrical current in return. The solar power created by this process can be used on-site or it can be exported to a grid.

Most solar systems use solar power on-site. When solar power is produced in excess of consumption, it is stored in the grid. And similarly, when solar power is not sufficient for daily use, it uses power from the grid.

Clean Energy Council accredits solar PV designers who can optimize the financial returns for businesses.

Solar Panel Installer Validation:

The Solar Panel Validation (SPV) is a mechanism set so that the industry and its consumers are given manufacturer warranties, eligibility for small-scale technology certificates and that it meets the standards for quality and performance for solar panels in Australia.

Solar Panel Validation provides the consumers with the electronic record that their solar panels are verified as SPV. So, customer awareness of this verification process is growing as they want verifications of the solar panels prior to installing them.

Consumers can simply scan the solar panel serial numbers of their solar panels through an available App. They will get into the database of approved solar panels by the clean energy council. So, they can see for themselves right on their phone whether their solar panels are in fact verified.

If you are wondering about which solar panel you should get, we have got the list of all manufacturers participating in SPV. So, go through the approved solar panel manufacturers and select the brand without any hesitation!

After selecting the right panels and brand that you want, you can get them installed by the experienced team that meet Australian standards and has been in this game for more than a decade now.

So, do not hesitate and get professional service from these solar experts. So, get your solar quotes to enjoy guilt-free energy!

Free Solar Panels on Snow With Windmill Under Clear Day Sky

Free Solar Panels on Snow With Windmill Under Clear Day Sky

All these mechanisms are set in place so that the small-scale renewable energy scheme (SRES) is maintained in Australia. This initiative created by the Australian government protects the consumers.

The solar and storage industry also benefits from this initiative as it ensures high-quality solar panels that are verified.

Ensuring The Standards

The solar industry along with the Australian Government is responsible for much of the key work to enhance the standard. The end consumers are guaranteed the best quality and genuine solar panels in return.

This provides a warranty to the people so they are encouraged to opt for solar energy usage. This rules out all the solar panels that do not meet the standards and cannot provide such a warranty.

This innovative solution helps stride the growth of guilt-free energy consumption. The industry works together to self-regulate its standards.

Not only does this build trust amongst the consumers, but it protects the legitimate solar energy companies against companies that act to cut quality and just maximize profit.

The whole solar industry has ensured its reputation by involving the major solar panel manufacturers in the innovative initiative.

Clean Energy Council

Clean Energy Council, a non-profit organization, is the driving force of the clean energy industry in Australia. As a membership-based organization, they represent and work closely with the rooftop solar installers.

The clean energy council represents the renewable energy industry’s integrity as well as provides a voice for its members. It works closely with the federal government to increase the demand for clean energy across Australia.

The clean energy council accreditation recognizes the solar panel installers who have the necessary training to install a solar system, batteries and their related components.

The clean energy council are responsible for regulating and encouraging the use of clean energy. As part of their initiative, they have been taking action to reduce carbon emissions throughout the country.

According to their Clean Energy Australia Report 2022, 74,679 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy was produced in Australia in 2021, which accounted for 32.5% of the total energy production of Australia.

So the Solar Panel Validation initiative implements renewable energy consumption by small businesses as well as residents.

The clean energy regulator acting as the independent statutory authority confirms the quality and performance standards of solar panels. The clean energy council has had a positive outcome so far as the big solar manufacturers are involved in their initiative.

The clean energy council expects even more solar energy-related companies to be involved in the initiative. As the companies that are validated through the Clean Energy Council receive benefits and faster processing time, more solar companies and installers are interested in being a part of it.

The Clean Energy Council is optimistic that the initiative will continue to be successfully integrated countrywide.

CEC-Accredited Installers

The clean energy council accredits the solar system installers with CEC- accreditation which ensures the best standards are practised. The CEC accredited installers provide reliable installation to customers and aims for the best customer service.

There are now more than 8,000 accredited installers and industry partners. You can read about all the wonderful services that the clean energy council provides to promote clean energy consumption.

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Author : Kosta Symons

Published Date : May, 23 2022

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