Sonnen Solar Batteries in Brisbane And On The Sunshine Coast

The sonnen solar battery difference.

We can supply and install the popular Sonnen solar battery systems on the Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane too. Whether you want to upgrade an existing system, are thinking of going off grid, or just want to make the most of the energy your system currently generates, simply call us for a free consultation and quote today.

Sonnen solar batteries are highly thought of. They take pride in delivering a solution that not only provides the quality, but also delivers on their vision of clean and affordable energy for everybody Sonnen batteries are engineered in Germany and made right here in Australia.

The sonnenCommunity is a collective of people who generate and store clean energy with their smart sonnenBatterie. Our members are able to share their energy with other members by joining a sonnenFlat energy package. By sharing this energy, members can significantly reduce their energy costs whilst also providing grid stability in times of need.

The sonnen difference

The sonnenFlat Energy Plan.

Ssonnenn Flat Energy Plans

sonnenFlat is an innovative electricity tariff designed specifically for your sonnenBatterie. sonnenFlat enables households that have installed solar and a sonnenBatterie to transfer away from traditional electricity retailers to the sonnenCommunity.

Additional information regarding the sonnennFlat Energy Plans

  • sonnenFlat is provided by sonnen eServices which is a business name of Energy Locals Pty Ltd.
  • sonnenFlat is currently available in NSW, SA, ACT, VIC, TAS and QLD (Energex region).
  • Minimum sonnenBatterie size required to join sonnenFlat is 4kWh usable battery capacity.
  • For NSW customers located in Essential Energy Network an extra $10 above the standard monthly fee package is applied.
  • All prices include GST. Excess usage charges may apply.
  • *Solar feed-in rate: Energy exported above the annual export threshold will be paid at the solar feed-in rate.

For further terms and conditions, please visit or call 137 666.

The sonnenFlat advantage.

SonnenFlat Aadvantage

We are providing grid stability through a virtual power plant.

Australia’s energy mix is changing rapidly from largely centralised and fossil-fuel based generators to a distributed and renewable mix. Australia has one of the highest rates of rooftop solar in the world, however this surplus of solar energy has created new challenges for the grid. Without battery storage, day-time solar energy is underutilised and creates imbalances between supply and demand, sonnenFlat households are helping to solve this problem.

sonnenBatteries can act as a neighbourhood power plant by rebalancing supply and demand. sonnen does this by connecting sonnenBatteries around Australia with each other and operating as one ‘larger’ sonnenBatterie. This delivers vital grid services to keep the lights on for everyone.

Join sonnenFlat in 3 easy steps:


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Author : Kosta Symons

Published Date : March, 17 2021

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