Best Residential Solar Panel Installation in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast

our most popular solar panel systems

Product 1

6.6Kw – 22 x 300w Seraphim panels and Sungrow 5kw inverter

for as little as $21 per week

solar panels sunshine coast

6.6Kw - 20 x 330w Jinko panels and Huawei 5 kw inverter

for as little as $24 per week

solar panels and inverter


for as little as $30.50 per week

If you produce more solar than you use you can take advantage of it in a number of ways. We often install solar panels Sunshine Coast and Brisbane home owners benefit from financially. Options for getting the most of your solar include solar battery systems and getting the feed in tariff from your retailer. You can also use device such as a catch power relay to power your hot water when it makes the most sense financially.

key solar panel features

  • Lightweight Design

    We stock panels that have been designed to reduce the load weight on roofs compared with previous generation panels making installation faster, and increasing the amount of compatible roof types.

  • Salt Mist Corrosion Resistance

    If you live by the water your solar panels will now perform at their peak for longer with salt mist corrosion resistance. If salt corrosion is an issue at your home we have the perfect solar solution. 

  • Smart Monitoring Systems

    Know how your solar is performing at any time with smart monitoring system capable systems. Each of our systems are Wi-Fi monitoring connection enabled.  

  • Increased power output

    With improved construction materials and inverters comes increased power output compared with previous generation solar panels, meaning you get more bill-busting energy for less. 

  • Flexible designs

    No matter your home or energy needs we have the system for you. We can use a combination of panels to provide you the perfect, tailor made, solution for your home. 

  • Advanced Safety

    With improved solar inverters comes an increased level of safety over previous generation systems. These higher operational safety levels allow your panels to perform better, reducing your bills further.

  • Great Warranties

    Each of our solar panel brands come with excellent warrantiesIn the rare case you have a problem with your panels across their lifetime you can rest assured that you have a great warranty.   

  • Leading customer support

    You will find the best of support from our team and manufacturers. Give us a call and we will be able to assist you with any of your enquiries and will work with you on any warranty claims.  

flexible solar panel finance options

Pay by the month with our range of financing options for your new solar panels. Reduce your power bills with no up-front cost. Our mission is to provide solar panels Sunshine Coast and Brisbane home owners can afford.

Solar Panel Installation Process


After you have contacted us, our team will give you a call to discuss your solar energy needs. We will also answer any questions you have regarding our solar systems to help you find the solution that best suits your home or business.


To make our consultation effective, we will inspect your roof and property. This will help determine the ease of install and shading for example. Once done, we will discuss two proposals that we have created. If you like these may include options with batteries. Different solar panel brands will be discussed at this time too.

Solar Panel Installation

Once you have chosen your preferred option, we will then agree an your solar installation date. When the big day arrives, our in-house team will install your solar panels, inverters and other components.  They will ensure that everything has been connected well and set up correctly. We will then clean up before leaving.   


After the installation of your solar panels and systems, you will receive the full support from our team. We will assist with any more questions or concerns you have. Advice can be provided on connecting your panels to the grid to sell back the energy, how to use any tracking apps and panel cleaning and warranty advice too.  

If you want to install solar panels Sunshine Coast home owners recommend, then it has to be Symons Energy. We can help you make the right choices to get a great system to meet your needs. We have solar panel installers in Brisbane too, and can travel to most areas of South East Queensland when required.

Investing in solar

  • Rebates

    Solar rebates are still going from the Australian Government. You can receive up to $4,176 towards your system through Small Technology Certificates. The Queensland Government have begun trialling a rebate for rentals.   

  • Reduce power bills

    You will be immune from now and into the future from power bill increases. As you control your electrical generation with your solar panels, you won’t need to worry about any potential power pricing increases. 

  • sell solar back to the grid

    If you produce more solar than you use you can take advantage of solar power purchasing schemes. Many electricity providers will buy solar from you at great prices. Not only will this reduce your bill further, but in some cases may eliminate it.  

  • High returns on investment

    Solar is a great long-term investment for your home. It dramatically reduces your electricity bill, increases the value of your home, and pays itself off in around 3-5 years. This makes solar one of the best additions you can make to your property. 

  • Help Fight Climate Change

    As a renewable energy source, Solar Power is clean and green, producing no CO2 when generating power throughout its lifetime. This means you can feel good about using electricity from your panels knowing that you are helping fight Climate Change.

  • low cost, high quality power

    Solar energy has become the most affordable energy available. It is clean, green and requires little maintenance. With Solar’s popularity it has become even more affordable than ever before to install panels on your home.  


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Author : Kosta Symons

Published Date : December, 5 2019

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