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Solar Quotes And How Much Can You Save

Solar energy is one of the best ways to slash your power bills. It is easy to install, more affordable than ever before, and environmentally friendly. You will love the savings you can make from investing in solar.

The first step usually is to get a solar quote. This will include the cost of the installation, along with an estimate of what you might save.

Of course, the exact amount you will save will depend entirely on your home, your energy usage, and the system you install. Talk to our team to get a solar quote on the Sunshine Coast, or in Brisbane and you can also find out about the potential savings you could expect.

  • Slash your power bills dramatically
  • Get easy financing for residential and commercial solar
  • Save money while paying off your panels
  • Cash flow positive clean energy for businesses
  • No Obligation Solar Quotes
  • Sunshine Coast and Brisbane

Our Solar System quoting process

Step 1

When you request a quote for a solar system, our team uses the information you have provided to create an estimate on the system you will need. It will include the cost, and the energy savings.

Step 2

Our team will give you a friendly follow up call to provide the estimate we have created for you. We will ask extra questions surrounding your home to create 2 different proposals designed to suit your needs. Every solar installation quote we provide over the phone will be an estimate. In order to get an accurate figure, we would need to visit your home.

Step 3

When you agree to progress further, we will visit your home to inspect your roof, shading, meter box, and more. This information will help us provide you an accurate solar quote. During this visit we will also answer any questions you have, and discuss the options of batteries and over sizing your system.

Step 4

We will present two or more tailored proposals to you. Each showing different options for panels allowing you to choose based on your budget and energy requirements. As well as this, we will discuss financing options you may have and Government rebates.

What our solar quotes include

We provide free solar system quotes for Sunshine Coast and Brisbane homes and businesses too. When you receive a quote from us it will include a combination of options. You can also choose from different price ranges to suit your needs. We will present two or more proposals which may include different panel brands, a different number of panels, over-sizing options, and more. This is designed to give you the choice to pick the option that best suits your needs.

Quotes for solar and battery packages

If you would like battery storage for your home or business, we are able to quote for both solar batteries and solar. This includes off grid solar quotes too. As with our solar quoting process, we will provide you with multiple proposals based on your battery and solar needs. During the quoting process we will also discuss with you how adding a battery will affect your power prices and energy independence, providing the information you need. Talk to our team today about a battery or battery plus solar panel installation quote today.


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Author : Kosta Symons

Published Date : December, 5 2019

At Symons, we only install panels and batteries we know you will love. Get to learn more about installing solar panels in our blog. Read More.