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Great Performance, Excellent Reliability

Jinko has an excellent reputation for being amongst the highest quality solar panel manufacturers on the market. They deliver, with excellent performance, backed up by great warranties and after sales support. With a Jinko panel you can be rest assured that you have some great panels on your roof, delivering bill smashing energy while reducing your carbon footprint.

Founded in 2006, Jinko has grown to become one of the largest solar panel manufacturers in the world. With 2 production facilities in China, and one each in Malaysia, Portugal and South Africa, Jinko has huge manufacturing output. Being this large, Jinko is under a lot of pressure to ensure its warranties are upheld, and support service is excellent, and so, you can rely on them.

Highest Quality Solar Panel
Jinko 60 HC Panel

Jinko 60 HC – The panel designed for Australia

A high-performance panel designed for Australian conditions, making the Jinko 60 HC the perfect choice for many Australian families. With its high wind and snow resistance rating this panel can survive Queensland cyclones and Tasmanian winters, allowing it to run optimally year-round. They are also coated in a salt and corrosion resistance layer by TUV NORD making it perfect for coastal environments. No matter where you live in Australia the Jinko 60 HC will be a great choice.

Tech Specs

With great panels comes great technical specifications. For those who love technical specifications we have collated a range of Jinko setups for you to compare and find out which works for you. If you have any further enquiries you should talk to the Symons energy team, we can custom design a Jinko setup for your needs.

Beautiful and efficient design

The Jinko 60 HC has been designed for efficiency and beauty allowing it to reduce your power bills while looking great on your roof. With its 5 busbar solar cell design and black frame the 60 HC is elegant, blending into your roof. Add to it advanced glass and a textured cell surface and the Jinko 60 HC offers superior low light performance year round, making it among the most efficient solar panels in its class.

Key Features

  • High Power Output

    Decrease in current loss yields higher module efficiency

  • Voltage Limiting Feature

    33.6V for 60-cell modules allows for longer strings, reduces overall BOS

  • Durability Against Extreme Environmental Conditions

    High salt mist and ammonia resistance certified by TUV NORD

  • Shade Tolerance

    More shade tolerance due to twin arrays and cell string MPPT

  • Built-in Submodule Optimiser

    No additional electronics or hardware required, allows for simple installation

  • PID Free

    Reinforced cell prevents potential induced degradation 

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