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Energy storage, like solar panels, can be financed through our great financing packages.

LG Solar Battery

LG Solar Battery

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Why Choose Energy Storage

  • Achieve Energy Independence

    With battery storage, you have the potential to go completely off-grid. Combine it with solar panels and other energy backups and you could go off-grid for your energy needs. Talk to our renewable energy specialists today about taking your home off the grid.   

  • Slash Your Power Bill

    With a battery and solar combination, you could see your power bills reduced significantly. As batteries minimise your reliance on the grid further, you will see huge savings with the use of expensive peak time energy eliminated. If you oversize your solar you could eliminate power bills entirely.

  • Seamless Backup Energy

    Battery Storage is the perfect backup for when blackouts strike. Our energy storage solutions will detect a grid outage and automatically switch on to become your home’s primary power source. When everything else goes out your lights will stay on.

  • Take Full Advantage Of Your Solar

    You can take full advantage of solar energy at any time of the day. With a battery, all solar energy you don’t use during the day goes into your battery, allowing you to take advantage of clean, green, renewable energy through the night.  

  • Compact And Weatherproof Design

    Compact and weatherproof, battery storage is designed to suit your home. With a sleek outer casing and compact design, these batteries will look great paired with your home. Each battery unit has been designed to resist dust, rain, and sunshine, with waterproofing and cooling built-in.

  • 10 Year Warranty

    When you install batteries on your home you can be assured that your investment is secure with their 10-year warranty. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the performance of your battery storage is covered, ensuring that your batteries help you slash your power bills.

flexible finance options

Energy storage, like solar panels, can be financed through our great financing packages. If you would like both solar and battery, we can also provide easy pay by the month financing options. Join the green energy revolution and save today!

Installation process


After you have reached out to us, our team will give you a call to discuss your energy storage needs. We will also answer any questions you have regarding our battery systems to help you find the solution you are looking for.


During our consultation we will inspect your property to help determine the best install location. Once done we will discuss two proposals we have created and options surrounding your existing solar system, or new solar if you need it.


Once you have chosen your preferred option, we will set out an installation date. When the day comes our in-house team will install your batteries, ensuring everything has been connected and set up correctly. We will then clean up before leaving. 


After installation you will receive the full support from our team to assist with any more questions or concerns you have. We can provide advice on monitoring, usage of your batteries, and warranty advice.  

Investing in energy storage

  • Ensure power stability

    Weather through grid failures and blackouts with a battery system. You can keep the lights on, continue cooking, and avoid puddles around the fridge when the grid fails. For businesses, you can keep your operations running through most power outages.  

  • avoid future power bill increases

    With a battery and solar combination, you can avoid bill shock as power bills continue to rise. You will control your own electrical generation across the day and the night, allowing you to avoid both expensive peak times and expensive power price rises.

  • Great Return on investment

    Battery storage offers a great return on investment. Most homes use the most power during the evening peak periods. This is the most expensive time to use power. A battery will store the solar you didn’t use during the day for use at night, taking money off your bill.

  • Help Fight Climate Change

    A solar and battery package allows you to eliminate a large majority of your reliance on the fossil fuels used in the grid. This will make your home’s power usage almost 100% renewable. In fact, with the right system combination, you could reach 100% renewable most days.  


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