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If you are looking to replace a solar inverter in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast, then contact us today. At Symons Energy we specialise in checking, maintaining or replacing solar inverters. Talk to us today!

Replacing A Solar Inverter

If you are thinking about repairing or replacing a solar inverter on the Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane, then we can provide reliable advice. When you are dealing with a faulty solar inverter, you want to make sure you are taking the right steps to get it working again.

One issue you can encounter is a low voltage. This can prevent the inverter from functioning at all, and can cause your utility bills to rise dramatically. Another problem is a malfunctioning MPPT module. Inverter location is also important.  If an inverter is installed in direct sunlight, it can shorten it’s life. They might also perform slightly less efficient when the inverter gets too hot.

High or low voltage could prevent the inverter from functioning.  This can be caused from incorrect wiring which can either create a voltage too high or voltage or too low.  One of our solar installers can test the voltage. We can also calculate the voltage of each string from your solar system to ensure they are operating at the correct voltage for the inverter they are connected to.

Or maybe your inverter is just old and not working anymore. If that's the case, we can upgrade solar inverters in Brisbane or on the Sunshine Coast too.

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Causes of Inverter Failure

If your inverter shows error messages, you might want to call us for help! It may be that the inverter has been damaged by water, by too much heat or excessive humidity. These are common causes of inverter failure. Or maybe it is just getting too old.

Whatever the issue, we can replace solar inverters across the Sunshine Coast and the greater Brisbane area too. We'll get your system running efficiently again.

Another common inverter issue whether the grid voltage is too high.  This could cause the inverter turn off.  The inverter a has an inbuilt safety mechanism which automatically turns the inverter off if the grid voltage reaches unsafe voltage, the inverter usually starts up once it’s safe to do so again.  One of our solar installers can check whether the grid voltage is suitable for your inverter.

Another cause of inverter failure is low irradiance from the sun. Typically, the error occurs when sunlight is too low to allow the inverter to feed in. The inverter will then start to produce an intermediate voltage. When the sun is brighter, the voltage will adjust itself.

Inverter location

As cool as solar power may be, it also functions better when set up professionally. An overheated inverter may even stop production. However, there are ways to mitigate this risk. One way to do this is to ensure the inverter is installed in a location in which its not in direct sunlight.  Installing the inverter inside a garage, south facing wall or on a wall that receives a lot of shade.  Another way is to install an inverter shade cover.  If there no option to relocate the inverter. You can call Symons Energy to either relocate the inverter or help install an inverter shade cover.

If you are replacing a solar inverter, it can also be the ideal time to relocate it. Maybe the previous owner of your home put it in a spot you don't like for any number of reasons. We can shift your new inverter and get your system working at its best once again.

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Solar Inverter Installed

MPPT module can cause issues with the inverter

When you are trying to get your solar power system to work, you need to understand the issues that can affect the performance of your inverter. There are several different types of problems that can arise, such as short circuits, faults and over-voltage. Short circuits occur inside the inverter, the wiring anywhere in the solar system and even inside the solar panels and rooftop DC Isolators

The most common problem that can occur with an inverter is a faulty connection. An inverter can give an isolation alarm when there is a short-circuit. If the inverter isn't giving an isolation alarm, it may be a problem with the panels, DC Isolators or the DC cables.

It is important however to have a qualified CEC solar installer look at the issue.

If you are thinking to replace a solar inverter on the Sunshine Coast or in South East Queensland, then call us for experienced, friendly, and reliable advice today.

If you need a new solar inverter on the Sunshine Coast or in Brisbane, contact us for experienced advice and a quote to suit your budget today.


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Author : Kosta Symons

Published Date : January, 16 2023

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