The Importance Of Choosing A CEC Approved Solar Retailer

It starts with having total peace of mind and ends by knowing you’re working with someone you can trust. By working with a CEC Approved Solar Retailer, you’ll know you’re working with a company that has gone through a rigorous approval process and is committed to delivering solar industry best practices.

What is a CEC Approved Solar Retailer?

A CEC approved solar retailer has signed the Solar Retailer Code of Conduct and only uses designers and installers who the Clean Energy Council accredits. Furthermore, it’s the retailers’ way of showing a commitment to good business disciplines and improving solar industry standards. While at the same time exceeding the government’s minimum requirements and the regulations set by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

But, what does that all mean to the customer?

While that all sounds great, what does it really mean for the consumer, and why should they choose to work with a CEC approved solar retailer? Working with an accredited solar retailer signifies that you can be assured of the following pre and post-sale benefits along with many other quality and performance guarantees.


  • The company adheres to all existing legislation and regulations, plus you can relax knowing that its sales representatives will act ethically and not use any dishonest or misleading tactics.
  • You will receive all the relevant necessary information required in writing to enable you to make an informed decision before entering into a sales contract.
  • The company will provide you with all the required documentation before and after the solar system has been installed.


  • Your legal rights will be respected, relating to cooling-off periods and refunds. You will have the opportunity to cancel a contract and receive a full refund where changes are made after the agreement is not approved in writing.
  • You will receive a standard minimum warranty period of five years on the complete system’s operation and performance, including the installation and products, plus address and problems that arise during this period.
  • The company will maintain a fair and transparent complaints procedure throughout the company and respond within 21 days of making a complaint.

The other significant benefit of working with a CEC Approved Solar Retailer.

Unfortunately, here in Australia, the solar industry is not immune to businesses and individuals who try to scam customers and rip them off.

Often it involves offering government rebates, selling energy saving devices or giving away free solar systems. Which when at a time where there are several government rebate programs, it can be challenging to know if the company you have been contacted by and the deal they are offering is legitimate.

A company you can trust

But by dealing with an approved solar retailer, you don’t have to worry as you can be confident knowing you’re working with a company you can trust.

You know you’re working with a company committed to responsible sales and marketing activities and industry best practice. One that has undergone a rigorous assessment process to ensure they are working with you the consumers’ best interests in mind. Plus, they will provide you with a five-year, whole-of-system warranty and ensure that only a Clean Energy Council accredited installer sets up your solar system.
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Author : Kosta Symons

Published Date : March, 1 2021

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