Smart energy council master installer

Find a Master Installer for your next solar, battery storage or off-grid project

Installing solar is a long-term investment

Master installers are professionals who provide expert advice, design and installation to give you the best long-term solar return.

To be a Master Installer, installers must pass an intensive training program, and remain current with the latest best practice in solar design and installation.

If you want it done right, from an expert you can trust, always choose an Smart Energy Council Master Installer.

Look for the Master Installer logo – your guarantee of quality!

What does it take to become a Master Installer?

  1. Pass intensive online training modules
  2. Commit to ongoing professional development training
  3. Are subject to regular audits and inspections
  4. Are committed to the best outcomes for their customers

To learn more about the value of working with a CEC Approved Solar Retail, please contact us here at 133 764 162.

Author : Kosta Symons

Published Date : April, 8 2021

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