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Manufacturers and innovators in the most advanced energy solutions since 2016, Soltaro is fast becoming one of the leading systems and developers in Solar Battery Storage technology.

They have partnered with many of the largest and most reputable installers, energy companies, and residential home builders from their head office in Australia to integrate solar battery storage systems into homes worldwide.

Created with flexible system configurations and expandable storage, all designed to suit your lifestyle. Soltaro batteries are developed to make your home energy needs more sustainable while maximising your cost savings and come packed with many standard features, including a ten-year battery warranty (or 10,000 charging cycles).

Soltaro advanced energy storage solutions are relevant to the world today and the future.



Each of our flexible battery systems is designed with you in mind and can easily be adapted to your existing PV array or as part of a new installation, all within a few hours. Our comprehensive range of batteries and inverters are entirely interchangeable depending on the size of the system you require, and with our unique ‘plug and play’ technology, you can be sure we have an option to fit any home.

Designed to blend seamlessly into any location, each of our flexible systems is developed to ensure not only peace of mind but that you also have the very best, most effective and economic system, whether installed inside or outside your home. Our systems are also available as Hybrid or AC Retro.


Typically, with most home standalone Solar PV systems, if you don't use the power, you lose it as your system is not designed to hold or store it. As a result, it's more than likely that you will subsequently buy back your system's energy previously exported to the grid from earlier in the day when the sun was shining.

However, with a battery, you can still use your 'free' generated power as you usually would. Because you see the battery system only stores the excess you don't use. So rather than sending it back to the grid, you keep it for use later in the day or night when you require it, which means lower bills, less grid dependency and more control.

So, how does it work? During the day, when the sun is shining, your PV panels collect DC energy and send it to your inverter. Your inverter then converts the energy to AC for use in your home. Then at night, when your panels are no longer collecting solar energy, you can use the stored energy from your battery to power your home. It's that simple.


Introducing the latest addition to the Soltaro range - the all-new and super sleek AIO2. Considered to be one of the best-designed hybrid combined energy storage systems on the market today. The A102 blends seamlessly into any location, while its flexible, innovative battery storage system adapts to suit any size home. Its many features include;

  • 10,000 Charging Cycle or 10 Year Warranty
  • Australian Designed & Engineered
  • Wall Mounted, IP65 for Outdoor Installation
  • Available in 5kWh or 10kWh
  • Expandable, to grow with you
  • Virtual Power Plant Ready
  • Seamless Switch-over to keep you powered during outages
  • Plug and Play For Fast Installation
  • Local and Remote monitoring
  • Available in Hybrid or AC Coupled Inverter options


With all the battery makers out there - what makes Soltaro different?

Being Australian designed and engineered means, we fully understand the harshest of weather conditions and climate. As a result of this, we ensure that each of our batteries and inverters is manufactured to the very highest industry standards without compromising safety, durability, components, or technology.

We build each of our systems with flexibility and customer ease of use in mind, regardless of the size of the home, position or the existing PV set-up. So we have a system or battery option to fit any home.

For ease of use and individual preference, all of our systems can be installed either in or outdoors and can be monitored remotely via our mobile app or the controls on the unit's front.

Because we believe powering your home with clean, renewable energy has never mattered more, we put you, the customer, firmly in control. With each of our systems, you can see at a glance exactly how the system is performing, plus what you're generating, storing or the power you're using.

Although we can't predict the future, energy prices will likely continue to rise in these current times. As a result, we believe that investing today in affordable, renewable technology is not only the easiest way to protect your household from rising costs, it's also a way for you to contribute to a cleaner environment.


We believe that excellent, dependable customer service is crucial to our business's success and long-term growth. That's why we designed the Soltaro Battery Storage Solutions' so that the majority of issues can be dealt with remotely by our highly skilled technical team.


Today investing in an energy storage system with the 'promise' of a warranty isn't good enough. You need to be confident knowing that your warranty will take care of any issues with ease should you need it.

Should the worse happen, log on to our website's technical support area, and you'll receive an update within 1-2 business days. If your issue can't be remedied remotely for any reason, then your local Soltaro engineer will be on hand to resolve the problem.

Customer service and a warranty that is second to none - something many of our competitors can't say with confidence.



How much energy can a Soltaro battery store?

Our batteries sizes can be configured to meet your individual needs. It starts from 5 kilowatt-hours of storage up to 30-kilowatt hours which is ideal for domestic and small commercial applications. Because we design with you, the customer in mind, we can scale to meet your demand and budget.

How do I know which battery is correct for me?

Our expert team is on hand to help you choose the correct battery suited to how and when you use your energy, ensuring you have the most efficient and cost-effective option for your home or business.

Will I have power during a blackout?

Yes, unlike many standard grid-connected solar inverters. The Soltaro AIO2 has an Emergency Power Mode allowing you to use your panels and batteries during a blackout to charge the battery (during the day) while at the same time supply you with enough power to run your home day and night.

Depending on the amount of energy your house uses and your battery's capacity, your AIO2 will continually operate during a blackout.

We have a market-leading power output for our Emergency Power Mode, which in most cases is more than double of other systems currently on the market. Meaning you can run more of your home and charge batteries faster. Always check and confirm this before making your decision when selecting an energy storage system.

Do I need Solar PV panels to have a battery?

No, panels are not required for a Soltaro AIO2. However, to get the absolute best energy-saving result and emergency power features, batteries always provide more benefits when used in conjunction with PV Panels.

How long will my battery last?

Unlike the majority of batteries currently on the market, Soltaro batteries are designed to last for many years beyond their warranty. However, this does depend on usage and environmental conditions.

How long is the warranty?

For your peace of mind, the Soltaro battery range comes with a ten year or 10,000 charging cycle warranty. Please refer to the warranty documentation for complete details.

Will my battery performance deteriorate over time?

Unfortunately, because of the amount of use, all batteries will diminish in performance over time. However, by using a combination of longer-lasting cell chemistry and more excellent communication between the batteries and the inverter, the technology in your Soltaro Inverter and batteries is designed to decrease this effect.

How safe is the system?

We take safety seriously and have built-in numerous protective features into the product's software and hardware to ensure safe and reliable operation for years to come.

We use the safest battery chemistry available, LiFePO4 (Lithium Ion Phosphate), whereas most batteries use cheaper chemistry like NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt).

What difference will a battery make to my energy bills?

There are several ways batteries can affect your energy bill. The most typical way is by storing energy that you generate and selling it at a lower price than what you buy the energy. Batteries can also store cheaper power from the grid to offset when energy prices are high or rise.

What is the difference between AC Retro and Hybrid systems?

The Soltaro AC Retro Inverters are designed to be added to an existing solar system. In contrast, the Soltaro Hybrid Hyper inverters are designed to fit new installations or replace ageing solar inverters that use installed PV panels. Using Soltaro Hyper Inverters, the installations tend to be cleaner and far more efficient in processing generated and stored energy.

Where can my battery be installed?

Soltaro systems are designed to blend seamlessly into any location within your home. Also, as our systems are amongst the quietest systems currently available, they can be installed in most areas of the house, such as attic or loft space, utility room, garage, cupboard, hallway or kitchen. Furthermore, because most of our products are rated to IP65, they are also durable enough to be installed outdoors.

How long does it take to install?

Our team of highly experienced installers can typically have your system fully installed and operational within 2 hours.

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