REC Certified Solar Panel Installers

Being REC Certified, is more than just a picture on the wall

When a lot of companies in our business say they’re ‘certified installers’, what they’re really saying, is that they have a piece of paper hanging on the office wall for everyone to admire, and not a great deal more.

But being REC Certified means so much more and rightly so, for us to become REC Certified, meant a lot of hard work and determination, firstly to even be considered, we had to recommend by an existing REC Platinum Partner – in other words, we needed the approval of our industry peers.

Hard work and commitment

Once we’d been nominated, and had demonstrated that we had a proven track record and that we were experienced solar installers. All of our installation team needed to confirm they had a high degree of technical expertise along with a minimum of two years of experience as a professional installer of solar panels.

Then they needed to take part in various comprehensive-training sessions to be recognised as both skilled installers and qualified sellers of REC panels. Only after they had attended these REC Solar Professional training and certification sessions, and signed the REC Solar Professional Program terms and conditions, could they say they were a certified REC installer.

Adding value for our customers

Which might all sound great, but does it add any real value to our customers you ask? Well, it does, by completing this unique installer certification programme, not only are all our solar installers equipped with the latest technical know-how and best practices for installing REC panels, customers can be assured that in addition to superior quality REC solar panels, they will also receive a high-quality solar installation.

REC ProTrust Warranty

Plus, because they’re having their solar panels fitted by a REC certified installer, they will receive the REC ProTrust Warranty. Offered exclusively by REC Certified Solar Professional installers, the recently launched REC ProTrust Warranty, includes a 25-year product warranty, 25-year performance warranty and up to 25-year labour warranty by REC Certified Solar Professionals.

This outstanding warranty package leaves our customers to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing their PV installation and generated clean energy, plus financial savings are there for a generation or longer.

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To learn more about what being a REC Certified Installer means to you, please contact us here at 133 764 162.

Author : Kosta Symons

Published Date : June, 12 2020

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