Are Solar Panels Expensive to Maintain?

At Symons Energy, we often get asked about the affordability and practicality of solar panel maintenance. Many of our clients want to know, “Are solar panels expensive to maintain?” This question is understandable as the cost-efficiency and sustainability of solar power are key factors in their appeal. To answer this, let’s delve into the topic of solar panel maintenance, it’s cost implications and the ways in which these innovative energy solutions can save you money.

Are Solar Panels Expensive to Maintain?

According to Energy Sage, the cost of maintaining solar panels is relatively low. Generally, most solar panel manufacturers offer long-term warranties that cover most repair needs, which can greatly reduce maintenance costs. The absence of moving components in solar panels renders them less susceptible to damage.

Upfront Installation Cost vs. Long-term Maintenance Cost

A 2022 study, shared in the Renewable Energy Journal, reveals that the regular upkeep costs for solar panels are relatively minimal, especially when weighed against the potential energy savings they provide. The initial outlay for the installation of solar panels might be substantial, but the ongoing maintenance expenses are notably less. Once installed, solar panels require minimal upkeep. The majority of the maintenance cost involves routine cleaning and occasional parts replacement.

Routine Cleaning

A research undertaken by the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) suggests that the longevity and low maintenance requirements of solar panels can lead to a return on investment that significantly surpasses the associated maintenance expenses over time. To function effectively, solar panels need to be free of dirt, debris, and snow. In most climates, rainfall takes care of this naturally. However, in more arid regions, or places with high levels of airborne debris, you may need to clean your panels more often. The task of cleaning can be undertaken by professional cleaning companies for a charge, however, you can also accomplish it personally using simple materials such as water, a soft brush, and occasionally, a mild detergent. The cost is thus relatively low, depending on your geographic location and the local conditions.

Parts Replacement and Repairs

Solar panels are engineered to endure a range of weather conditions, including intense snowfall and strong winds. However, similar to any outdoor equipment, they are not immune to the sporadic damage caused by weathering. Some elements like the inverter might need to be replaced approximately every ten years, subject to the quality of the equipment originally installed and the weather conditions to which they are exposed. The inverter is one of the more expensive components, but spread over its lifetime, this cost is relatively small.

Warranty Coverage

Solar panels are designed to withstand various weather conditions, encompassing heavy snowfall and powerful winds. However, similar to any outdoor equipment, they are not immune to the sporadic damage caused by weathering. Given factors such as the quality of the original equipment and the current weather conditions, there may arise a need to replace specific components, such as the inverter, approximately once every decade. Any significant drop in performance before that time may be covered by the warranty. Many inverters also come with a warranty, typically around 10 years. These warranties can help mitigate the risk of unexpected repair costs.

Net Metering and Other Savings

While not strictly a maintenance cost, it’s worth mentioning that solar panels often result in net savings on energy bills due to net metering. Many utilities offer programs where homeowners can sell excess electricity generated by their solar panels back to the grid. This can offset the cost of any energy the home draws from the grid when the solar panels aren’t producing enough electricity (like at night or on heavily overcast days).

What are the Requirements for Solar Panel Maintenance?

As previously noted, solar panels are engineered to endure severe weather situations. However, they still require some maintenance to ensure they operate at peak efficiency. The maintenance includes inspections for any physical damage, checking the inverter display for any issues, and keeping the panels clean.

Can Solar Panels Save You Money?

Absolutely! The savings from solar panels can be substantial. According to the Australian Government, switching to solar energy can significantly decrease your electricity bills. As time progresses, the accumulated savings can counterbalance the expenses of setting up and upkeeping solar energy systems, thus rendering solar power a valuable financial commitment.

Do You Need to Clean Your Solar Panels?

Yes, cleaning is part of maintaining solar panels. The presence of dust, debris, and bird droppings on solar panels can impede sunlight and reduce their efficiency. However, the cost of cleaning is relatively low, especially when considering the potential energy loss due to dirty panels.

How Much Does Solar Maintenance Cost?

The costs related to the upkeep of solar systems may vary depending on the scale of your system and the specific needs of your panels. At Symons Energy, we offer affordable solar maintenance services that ensure your solar system is always performing at its best.

How Much Does Solar Panel Cleaning Cost?

The pricing for solar panel cleaning is contingent upon the size of your solar system and the degree of dirt accumulation, resulting in potential variations in costs. However, a regular cleaning schedule can increase your panels’ efficiency and result in higher energy savings.


Solar panels not only contribute significantly to the advancement of environmental sustainability but also yield considerable long-term financial savings. Even when considering their maintenance and cleaning expenses, these costs are fairly minimal, especially when weighed against the long-term energy cost reductions and the considerable lifespan of solar panels. If you’re considering switching to solar, reach out to Symons Energy for a comprehensive and affordable solar solution.


  1. Are solar panels expensive to maintain?
    Indeed, the upkeep expenses for solar panels are notably modest due to the extended guarantees provided by manufacturers and the robustness of the panels themselves.
  2. Can solar panels save you money?
    Yes, by significantly reducing your electricity bills, the savings from solar panels can offset the cost of installation and maintenance.
  3. Do you need to clean your solar panels?
    Yes, cleaning solar panels can increase their efficiency, as dust and debris can block sunlight.
  4. How much does solar maintenance cost?
    The price can fluctuate based on the dimensions of your solar system and unique upkeep requirements. However, it is generally affordable.
  5. How much does solar panel cleaning cost?
    The cost can vary based on the size of your system and level of dirtiness. Nonetheless, it is usually a minor cost to bear in exchange for enhanced effectiveness and reduced energy consumption.
Author : Kosta Symons

Published Date : June, 21 2023

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