Our approach

With over 11 years in the solar industry we know how to deliver a high-quality outcome. We utilise the skills and experience of our team of solar experts and electricians to design and install a great solar package perfect for your needs.

This is how we differ from other solar companies:

  • We are electricians: This means we have as much experience installing panels as we do selling them. So, we do not use contractors to install your panels, ensuring quality, and giving you one point of contact if anything goes wrong.
  • Master Electricians Bronze Members: We are accredited electricians and have been recognised by Master Electricians for our quality and experience.
  • 11 years in Solar: In the solar industry, longevity is key. The longer you have been installing panels, the better solutions you can provide to clients. It also is important for trust. You can trust that we will be around to honour your warranties and provide the best after-sales support.

Come have a chat with one of our team members today and get a free consultation.

Solar panel technician with drill installing solar panels on roof on a sunny day